Running & growing ecommerce business

Running & growing ecommerce business
What they wanted

HEMA is a value for money retailer known as one of the strongest brand in the Netherlands. Over the years, it expanded to over 700 stores in 7 countries. HEMA has a clear ambition to continue to grow both online and offline. To achieve this growth in omnichannel sales HEMA asked SparkOptimus to help develop a comprehensive 3-year plan, which met the ambitions set for the future. Subsequently, they asked SparkOptimus to implement this plan.

What they said

SparkOptimus supported us in building our e-commerce operations and grow significantly over the past year, through their guidance, hands-on support and in-depth knowledge

Tico Schneider
Head of e-commerce HEMA
What we did

SparkOptimus developed a detailed 3-year plan, supported by a solid business case and investment plan, focused on strengthening the e-commerce organization, enhancing the omnichannel customer journey, implementing effective and scalable delivery & fulfillment, and developing true omnichannel marketing. To implement this plan, we set up a joint project management organization. SparkOptimus provided knowledge, support and hands-on business management on multiple topics like delivery & fulfillment, e-category management, international strategy, omnichannel marketing, and data-driven business.

Running & growing ecommerce business

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What we achieved

Our strategic plan convinced the board to truly invest in e-commerce and omnichannel growth and freed up funds to invest in all key areas like team, fulfillment, marketing and IT. SparkOptimus subsequently helped transform HEMA e-commerce from a separate business unit into a professional integrated e-commerce organization, resulting in a strong >30% YoY growth and turning the e-commerce business into a substantial bottom-line contributor.

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