Transformation to a data-driven commercial organization

Transformation to a data-driven commercial organization
What they wanted

HEINEKEN South Africa (HSA) is a young, fast-growing company that sees data as catalyst to its growth ambitions. It has connected the key data sources in its ecosystem to deepen understanding of tavern and consumer behaviour. The next step was to organize commercial operations accordingly. HSA asked us to facilitate this transformation of sales and marketing into a data-driven growth engine.

What they said

SparkOptimus’s team combines IQ with EQ, is both challenging and engaging. This combination is unique and allows for lasting impact.

Gerrit van Loo
Managing Director HEINEKEN South Africa
What we did

In a six-month journey, SparkOptimus blended in into the HSA teams to design, test, and scale a business operating model, a technological solution, and a capability building program. Over time our role changed from ‘fire starter’ towards ‘coach’ to a HEINEKEN team that is now independently leading the change.

Transformation to a data-driven commercial organization

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

Sales reps across the country now use data insights to improve their conversations with outlet owners and be better business partners, supported by sales leadership that is coaching and inquisitive. Marketing spending and campaigning have become informed by data and the marketing team is expanding the role of digital channels. Both have resulted in increased market share in targeted outlets and more efficient marketing and sales efforts. Organization-wide, HEINEKEN South Africa has made the first big steps to a wider company transformation of working insights-led, cross-functional, and explorative.

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