Defining new opportunities for digital growth

Defining new opportunities for digital growth
What they wanted

Funda is the leading platform for private real estate in The Netherlands and the most visited home mover website in the Dutch market with over 3.4M visitors per month. To maintain this position and grow into new opportunities, Funda asked SparkOptimus to develop a new Digital Strategy.

What they said

SparkOptimus really helped us structure and channel our thoughts into a comprehensive Digital Strategy, while also bringing in expert knowledge to identify new opportunities to further help grow our business.

Quintin Schevernels
CEO Funda
What we did

Using workshops with the management team, expert interviews and market research, we analyzed the current business model, market trends, and planned roadmaps, and identified new opportunities for growth based on outside-in perspectives and international market research. We then further developed the ideas by quantifying the opportunities at a high level and prioritizing them based on impact and feasibility. This lead to a comprehensive and actionable strategy for the coming years. We then further operationalized the strategy by identifying the required team and setup to achieve this ambition, provided background analysis for the prioritized opportunities, and kickstarted workstreams with the key team members.

Defining new opportunities for digital growth

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

In a very short period (less than 8 weeks) we helped Funda define a comprehensive new Digital Strategy, which will help the organization consolidate their strong position and seize new opportunities to keep growing in the future.

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