Hands-on support to accelerate growth

Hands-on support to accelerate growth
What they wanted

Evi is an online wealth management, savings, and investment proposition backed by Van Lanschot (more than €1 billion in assets under management). Following our digital growth scan, we were asked to assist in the implementation of the organisational and process changes that were identified as the primary growth drivers moving forward.

What they said

SparkOptimus has the rare valuable DNA to be able to combine food for thought on the highest strategic level and at the same time facilitate hands-on execution. Essential ingredients to change and build a future proof Evi.

Wim Nieuwenhuijse
Director Evi
What we did

Together with the organization we identified the growth path and the capabilities Evi required to get there. We assisted the team in accelerating responses to customer needs and business opportunities. We identified e-commerce capability gaps in the organisation. On a day-to-day basis, we helped Evi define the necessary link-ups from front to back office, executing and improving innovation continuously. In departmentalizing Evi’s long-term plans to its quarterly targets weekly to-do’s, we helped the organisation gain effective control over its growth.

Hands-on support to accelerate growth

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

Over the period of one year Evi transformed into a fully fledged online wealth management organization with all the necessary capabilities to grow independently. Assets under management returned to double digit growth after a period of stagnation and the customer base doubled in size.

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