Kickstarting launch of a new proposition

Kickstarting launch of a new proposition
What they wanted

ECI is one of the oldest Dutch online book stores. After a restart in early 2014, ECI rebuilt its core business processes and organizational foundation and was ready for the next step. They asked us to define a minimum viable product (MVP) for its new proposition and support the MVP implementation and launch of this new proposition.

What they said

With their distinctive energetic hands-on approach, intelligence, and broad digital expertise, SparkOptimus helped us quickly realize impactful improvements to our proposition & organization.

Josja Zijlstra
Managing Director ECI
What we did

First, we created a clear overview of required changes through a short gap analysis between the current situation and ECI’s envisioned proposition. Together with ECI we fine-tuned the proposition and then defined front-end & back-end MVP priorities to deliver the optimal customer journey with available resources. During implementation we used a focused setup to coordinate multiple cross-functional teams to deliver results on a high-paced Scrum rhythm.

Kickstarting launch of a new proposition

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What we achieved

With strong focus and effort of all teams we successfully launched ECI’s new proposition in just 14 weeks’ time. In the MVP we updated ECI’s proposition, touchpoints and organization to reflect a new customer journey centered around service and advice. Additionally, we started a growth path and defined the action plan to take the next steps.

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