Improve customer experience and service through enhanced data capturing

Improve customer experience and service through enhanced data capturing
Digital transformation
Digital transformation
What they wanted

De Bijenkorf wanted to offer consumers premium services such as personalization via its new service program Privilege Membership. To be able to offer this program new solutions, technology, processes and data capture methods needed to be identified and implemented in the organization.

What they said

SparkOptimus has been a critical factor to help us to successfully realize this complex and innovative project across multiple parts of the organization in such a short time.

Robert Bohemen
CMO De Bijenkorf
What we did

Based on a consumer perspective we mapped the possibilities and supported in the choice and implementation of digital recognition, clienteling, app, real time centralized data, reporting, campaigning as well as the supporting processes and program trade-offs.

We supported in various roles; as content expert, hands-on involvement of the implementation of relatively new technologies as well as overall project management in collaboration with de Bijenkorf of the 10 project teams.

What we achieved

Within 8 months this complex program of scoping, implementing and iterating the first version of the premium service program was launched across all touchpoints (store, app, web, phone) including new technologies. On time and on budget. The program was successfully launched as a pilot in the first store with a clear roadmap towards full launch.