Pilot & roadmap to centralized ecommerce fulfilment

Pilot & roadmap to centralized ecommerce fulfilment
What they wanted

In order to better serve its online B2C and B2B customers, Coop, a supermarket chain with 325 stores, sought our help to improve the quality and cost-efficiency of its ecommerce fulfilment. Coop used a decentralized, in-store fulfilment solution for its online orders, which no longer sufficed in the rapidly growing segment. Therefore, Coop asked SparkOptimus to design and run a pilot with a centralized ecommerce fulfilment system in close collaboration with its online partner Telesuper.

What they said

What we did

Together with Coop ecommerce and Telesuper teams, we first designed a practical pilot process by working around all technical limitations resulting from limited integration between the two partners. We also jointly determined what the optimized Coop/Telesuper ecommerce assortment should look like to allow for more efficient fulfilment. We then ran a hands-on pilot with the centralized distribution model including several hundred B2C and B2B customers.

Pilot & roadmap to centralized ecommerce fulfilment

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

During the pilot, order completeness grew by five percentage points compared to in-store fulfilment levels without any change in assortment satisfaction, creating a superior experience for Coop’s online customers. Importantly, the pilot also resulted in a clear roadmap for Coop to further reduce its fulfilment costs and improve fulfilment quality compared to in-store levels by continuing to centralize its ecommerce fulfilment in cooperation with Telesuper.

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