Defining a global business strategy

Defining a global business strategy
What they wanted

Brunel is a multinational leader in flexible workforce solutions in specialist markets, and is a unique professional community to all its stakeholders. Brunel requested support from SparkOptimus to help formulate a coherent global strategy that could serve as a guideline for regions to develop locally relevant strategies and plans in line with the global strategic themes.

What they said

SparkOptimus was a practical and creative partner in shaping our strategy. They challenged our ideas and offered constructive solutions based on their wide expertise, while ensuring support from the wider organization.

Jilko Andringa
CEO Brunel
What we did

We held “pressure cooker” sessions with the board to set the outlines of the strategy, including a high-level business plan. We then held 1-on-1 and group sessions with the leadership of key markets to validate, nuance and strengthen the document and detail the business case. SparkOptimus facilitated the meetings to come to a good and shared strategy, and captured all outcomes, resulting in a consistent and concise story, underpinned by a quantitative business case.

Defining a global business strategy

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What we achieved

SparkOptimus crafted a strategy document outlining Brunel’s dream, ambition, assets & history, and relevant market dynamics, which lead to key strategic themes and an action plan going forward. Through the varying iterations and sessions with both the board and the key regional leaders, we have created a strategy that is widely supported throughout the organization, and serves as a guideline for regional plans.

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