Accelerating innovation

Accelerating innovation
What they wanted

a.s.r. has been in the insurance business since 1720. It is one of the top three insurance companies in the Netherlands. Through its labels (a.s.r., De Amersfoortse, Ditzo, Ardanta, and Europeesche Verzekeringen), a.s.r. offers insurance, pension, and banking services to consumers & SMEs. a.s.r. is also active as a fiduciary asset manager, particularly in the public sector. Confronted with a rapidly changing market, a.s.r. decided to accelerate innovation. To help guide this acceleration, identify relevant first steps, and create traction throughout the organization, a.s.r. reached out to SparkOptimus.

What they said

Involving SparkOptimus has been crucial to accelerate innovation within a.s.r. They continuously challenged & helped us on priorities & ways of working. The mindset of the team and the combination of expertise & experience resulted in a solid foundation for the future

Karin Bergstein
Board of Directors a.s.r.
What we did

SparkOptimus started with identifying, categorizing in horizons, and prioritizing innovation areas. Within these areas, ideas were prioritized, a balanced innovation portfolio was developed (considering different innovation horizons), and the first initiatives were kick-started. In parallel, a.s.r.'s innovation organization was assessed and blueprinted to be able to embed digitization & innovation throughout a.s.r.

Accelerating innovation

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

In a short time-frame, SparkOptimus helped to kick-start the first innovations and set-up the initial innovation organization.

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