Designing a multi-partner loyalty program

Designing a multi-partner loyalty program
What they wanted

The partners of the Air Miles loyalty program: Shell, Ahold, V&D and Praxis, acknowledged the fact that the joint program was not in line with modern standards. They wanted to redesign the program so that it would increase engagement with their customers, make use of the data and insights to run their business, and ensure a setup that would benefit all partners in their business.

What they said

SparkOptimus was able to show the future of loyalty programs and translate it to actionable results with direct impact

Erik van Essen
Managing Director LMN (Air Miles)
What we did

SparkOptimus started by designing a program with clear benefits from a customer perspective, with a strong role for mobile and personalization. We used our ‘10-point loyalty design structure’ as guidance for the program setup. Finally, we created a business model structure so that each partner could benefit from the partnership while maintaining a great degree of freedom in implementation of the program for its own brand.

Designing a multi-partner loyalty program

Take the insights with you

What we achieved

The Air Miles program was revived from an old fashioned and ‘sleeping’ program with little engagement, to a modern program with strong customer engagement and data capture. After the redesign, each partner was capable of tailoring the loyalty program to fit its own business purposes.

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