Developing a mobile loyalty app development roadmap

Developing a mobile loyalty app development roadmap
What they wanted

In the fall of 2016, AH to go launched a brand-new loyalty app for consumers together with strategic partners (i.e. suppliers) and continuous support of SparkOptimus. Nearing the end of development of the 1st version of the app, AH to go wanted to create a future outlook and roadmap for the AH to go loyalty app, including functionality and the role of mobile in AH to go’s broader proposition.

What they said

SparkOptimus has helped us to redefine our product vision and translate this both into a short-term action plan as well as a longer-term roadmap.

Roland Simon
Marketing Manager AH to go
What we did

SparkOptimus organized, prepared, and facilitated an interactive workshop for AH to go and several key partners. We researched options and trends relevant for AH to go and in the session considered a broad range of relevant (technological) developments, discussed worldwide best practices, and set design principles and an ambition for AH to go's future app development. Using these inputs, we formulated a vision on AH to go's future (mobile) consumer journey.

Developing a mobile loyalty app development roadmap

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What we achieved

The project resulted in a clear and structured vision for AH to go on its future consumer journey and corresponding priorities for further developing its mobile loyalty app. It realizes the importance of focus and additionally AH to go now has a clear view on how to balance optimization and expansion and use a test-and-learn approach in order to be successful.

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