Sparking positive change: SparkOptimus becomes B Corp

Sparking positive change: SparkOptimus becomes B Corp
SparkOptimus TeamKatja Knox
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Katja Knox
The SparkOptimus Blog Team
March 26, 2024

We're excited to announce that SparkOptimus has officially become a B Corp, joining a growing group of over 8,000 companies worldwide reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit! For us, achieving the B Corp certification is a great recognition of our long-standing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility and using business as a force for good - something that's been at the core of our ethos since day one.

Tessa van Soest, Director of B Lab Benelux said: “Being able to welcome SparkOptimus to the B Corp community is hugely exciting. Their commitment to doing business differently will be an inspiration to others and really help spread the idea that we can redefine success in business to be as much about people and planet as it is about profit”.

Sustainability and social responsibility: A SparkOptimus tradition

SparkOptimus has always been committed to sustainability and social responsibility. It's not just a tagline, it's how we approach our projects. This commitment goes beyond our work - it shapes our company culture, fostering a team that's passionate about making a positive impact.

Alexandra Jankovich, Co-Founder & Senior Partner said; “SparkOptimus has always been committed to sustainability and social responsibility. This dedication is reflected in our holistic approach to business transformation, where we prioritize solutions that are not only innovative but also sustainable and equitable. We go beyond just developing these solutions – we empower our clients on their sustainability journeys through our digital, data & AI expertise. Achieving B Corp certification is a great recognition of our long-standing intentions and commitment to these values.”

Hidde van Manen, Managing Partner at SparkOptimus said: "I'm personally very excited that as a company we are committed to prioritizing purpose alongside profit. I’m also thrilled that we're helping our clients adapt and thrive amidst big disruptions. Joining the B Corp movement is a great way for us to keep track of our impact, and compels us to keep improving the way we do business ourselves as well."

Our B Corp journey: Highlighting what we do best

Earning B Corp status wasn't just about getting a badge; it was about solidifying our existing practices and pushing ourselves further, while building upon our existing foundation. We're proud to see sustainability and social responsibility even deeper integrated now, especially through...

• Investing in people: We continue to prioritize the well-being and professional development of both our internal and client teams. This commitment extends beyond regular sustainability and DE&I trainings, a comprehensive code of ethics, and a strong focus on employee well-being, including unlimited access to mental health consultations, to also equipping our clients' teams with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive, strengthening and future-proofing their organizations.

• Promoting diversity and inclusion: We actively champion diversity, equity, and inclusion through initiatives like signing the SER Diversity charter and fostering a company culture that celebrates and leverages the unique perspectives of all employees. This commitment is reflected in our workforce, with nearly 50% of our consultants and 50% of our Management Team being women.

• Shaping a sustainable future: Sustainability is a cornerstone of modern business, and we're passionate about helping companies navigate this shift. We not only minimize our own environmental impact but also empower our clients on their sustainability journeys. A recent collaboration with Henkel showcases this - we helped them with the global roll-out of sustainable home care products, providing actionable steps to position them as industry leaders and influence consumer behaviour positively towards sustainable choices. This aligns with both Henkel's goals and our own commitment to making sustainable practices the new norm.

• Giving back to the community: We actively support the communities where we operate by dedicating time and resources to charitable organizations and volunteering opportunities. We are especially proud of working together with VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, to develop the website, a platform specifically designed for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. This process also involved collaboration with other leading digital parties and various organisations and government bodies. The impact was immediate: within the first few days, garnered over 65K users, 10,000 hits, with daily usage continuing in the thousands. User satisfaction was incredibly high, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 60 amongst Russian and Ukrainian refugees. This translated into real-world benefits: hundreds of refugees gained access to free dental care through a collaborating dentist chain, and hundreds more submitted job requests through, a connected platform bringing together employers and job seekers with a refugee background through skill-based matching, which we worked on together with VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and the Start Foundation. The positive impact even reached the Dutch parliament, where RefugeeHelp was mentioned as the go-to platform for Ukrainian refugees. Recognizing its success, within a year, RefugeeHelp expanded to become the landing page for all refugees seeking information and support in the Netherlands, not just those from Ukraine.

A call to action: Building a better future together

Our B Corp certification is not just an emblem of our achievements; it is a call to action - a reminder that our work is far from done, and our mission is more relevant than ever. Together, with our clients, partners, and the broader community, we are committed to creating a future where every business decision is made with consideration for its lasting impact on the world.

In line with this commitment, we pledge to not only to sustain our current efforts but also to expand upon them, through for example offering pro-bono consulting services to non-profits or social enterprises that align with our mission. Furthermore, we are dedicated to enhancing our knowledge-sharing activities through the publication of more articles, case studies, and resources.

These efforts are aimed at empowering our audience to not only adopt best practices but also implement sustainable business practices that contribute positively to our planet. Through these initiatives, we reinforce our dedication to not only leading by example but also ensuring that our collective journey towards sustainability is inclusive, informed, and impactful.

Passionate about sparking positive change? So are we. Contact us now to explore opportunities for collaboration, and together, let's drive positive impact!

Alexandra Jankovich
Co-Founder & Senior Partner

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