A CEO handbook for digital transformation

In this new tech-driven era, disruption brings risks and immense opportunities for your company. This book, based on our experiences transforming major global companies, guides you to harness disruption effectively.
Digital disruption – everybody’s talking about it. It’s going to be the end of jobs, society and human interaction. It’s going to solve all our problems and wake us up with the perfect espresso. It may not quite do either, but what is certain is that it will continue impacting every sector and industry on earth, and creating new ways for companies to serve customers better, faster and cheaper than ever before. Those companies that adapt and make disruption work, win big; those that don’t get boiled like frogs. Disruption needn’t be a threat. It’s a power, and it’s in your hands.


AUTHORS: A. Jankovich, T. Voskes
PUBLISHER & DATE: SparkOptimus, 2018
PAGES: 128
ISBN: 978-90-828382-0-6

PRAISE FOR Make disruption work

"This outstanding book shows how companies can transform themselves to become future-ready."
Mark Schneider
CEO of Nestlé
"Reads like a novel, but with real situations and brilliant insights."
Prabha Parameswaran
Group President at Colgate-Palmolive
"Finally, a book that shows what digital transformations really look like through the eyes of insiders and via the power of storytelling!"
Michael Wade
Professor of Innovation and Strategy at IMD
"Disruption in Action is a must-read for any business leader looking to understand digital transformation and shape the future of their organization."
Judging panel
Business Book Awards 2023
"If you want to see how to make disruption work, this book has many of the answers."
Nancy McKinstry
CEO of Wolters Kluwer
"The most enjoyable business book I know and, at the same time, the most detailed display of real experience."
Dick Boer
Former CEO of Ahold Delhaize
"Tackles this most complex and relevant topic with tremendous in-depth knowledge."
Dolf van den Brink
CEO of Heineken
"Easy-to-digest, visually appealing, and packed full of useful advice for senior leaders."
Michael Wade
Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD
"Fantastic book!!!"
Menno Antal
Managing Partner, 3i Private Equity
"A must-read for any modern-day business leader."
Rahmyn Kress
Chief Digital Officer, Henkel
"Concrete actions backed by real-world experience, and not justconsulting “fluff.” SparkOptimus has created a winner!"
Jan Derck van Karnebeek
Chief Commercial Officer, Heineken

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Alexandra Jankovich - Disruption in Action

Alexandra Jankovich

Alexandra Jankovich is co-founder of SparkOptimus. She started her career in strategy consultancy at McKinsey & Company before moving on to RELX, where she set up the digital division in New York (Elsevier Science), then held a number of senior digital management positions across the US and Europe. As managing director of Lastminute.com, Benelux, she accelerated the travel site to the no.1 spot within six months. Alexandra holds a master’s in business administration, and previously conducted research in Chile for the SHV board. She features in influential lists like TheNextWomen100 and the InspiringFifty, NL. Alexandra lives in Amsterdam with her husband and three children. She is co-author with Tom Voskes of the business bestseller Make Disruption Work.
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Tom Voskes - Disruption in Action

Tom Voskes

Tom Voskes is co-founder of SparkOptimus. He started his career at Proctor & Gamble in line management before working at McKinsey & Company – first in Amsterdam, and later in Boston on the ‘Diamond’ program for top consultants. He then headed marketing at KKR-owned Maxeda, the largest non-food retailer in the Netherlands. Tom holds a master’s in astrophysics, and could previously be found conducting research at the ESO in Chile, one of the world’s biggest observatories, and publishing on the warped layers of the outer galaxy. Tom lives in Blaricum, near Amsterdam, with his girlfriend and the five children of their blended family. He is co-author with Alexandra Jankovich of the business bestseller Make Disruption Work.
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SparkOptimus is Europe’s #1 digital strategy consultant. Digital is not about digital for digital’s sake. It’s about using technology and data to serve customers and consumers better, faster and cheaper. We support some of the biggest companies in the world like Nestlé, Nike, and Heineken on transforming their global businesses in the context of digital disruption to continue to thrive in the future. Find out more about us by browsing our service and cases section.