SparkOptimus presents Digital at IMD

SparkOptimus presents Digital at IMD
SparkOptimus Team
Written by
Vivian Schobben & Ralph Pijls
The SparkOptimus Blog Team
March 28, 2018

Tom Voskes (Managing Partner) recently spoke at the annual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) round table of the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, by invitation of former IMD President and current Dean of External Relations, Dominique Turpin.

IMD’s round table occurs annually and benefits executives ranging from CEOs to CMOs and directors by sharing insights and practical tools from global best practices. Over 30 executives gathered at IMD for the event that spanned the course of two days and covered the latest trends in digital marketing.

Tom’s session addressed the concept of digital disruption and the ways in which it poses potential risks, but primarily offers amazing opportunities when adapted to in the right way. Thereby, he showcased how SparkOptimus has helped one of our clients to use digital marketing in order to transform their customer experience.

The discussion was grounded in our 5D model, which describes the sequence of steps a company needs to take to successfully implement digital initiatives. The five steps create a concrete and practical approach to transforming digital from a “pet project” on a company’s P&L to an essential part of its survival in the new business landscape. The central question is: how to use it to serve your customers better?

Other presenters at the event included IMD professor Goutam Challagalla, who discussed the five dominant digital business models and their implications for marketing. Sebastien Szczepaniak, Group Vice President, Global Head of Digital Media & eCommerce at Nestlé, talked about scaling personalization. Finally, Sucheta Govil, Chief Marketing Officer at Royal DSM, gave insights into her company’s digital marketing activities.

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