SparkOptimus partners with leading business universities

SparkOptimus partners with leading business universities
SparkOptimus Team
Written by
Thijmen Kaster & Sophie Heijenberg
The SparkOptimus Blog Team
July 2, 2019

At SparkOptimus, we are all about making disruption work for businesses. We demonstrate and grow our digital disruption expertise through the 100 or so new projects we deliver each year. Luckily, we aren’t the only ones who recognise the importance of this work. Business universities are increasingly incorporating modules on ‘digital’ into their (executive) programmes, courses, and alumni event calendars.

Putting theory into practice
Whilst these programmes are based on leading research and powerful theories, putting theory into practice is just as important for making disruption work. And so a partnership between SparkOptimus and business universities seemed only logical. Today, we are proud to be partnering with leading institutes IMD, INSEAD, Nyenrode, and Rotterdam School of Management.

A holistic view
In collaboration with the business schools, we are designing programmes that balance theory with application. In doing so, SparkOptimus is adding value through its multi-sector experience and strategic and operational expertise. We are able to contrast and compare opportunities and challenges from different industries, providing executives with best-practice cases at a company level, as well as a more holistic perspective on digital disruption.

Shared learning through interactive exercises
For our part of the curriculum, we combine the thinking behind our recently published CEO handbook ‘Make Disruption Work’ with practical exercises and real-life scenarios. For example, we simulate Dragon’s Den, in which business leaders pitch a disruptive idea to a panel of judges. Having participants devise their business models in a group format encourages participants to engage in the same discussions that would normally take place in the boardroom.

With this approach, SparkOptimus is not only equipping executives with the tools necessary to make disruption work at their companies, but also familiarising them with the discussions, challenges, and disappointments they will face as part of the process itself. That way, they learn from each other and we learn from them, facilitating a step-up in digital disruption for everyone.