SparkOptimus around the world

SparkOptimus around the world
SparkOptimus Team
Written by
Marieke Berendsen
The SparkOptimus Blog Team
April 8, 2019

SparkOptimus was founded in the Netherlands. These days however 70 percent of our work is outside the Netherlands. The last few months Sparkies have been on the ground in Mexico, Brazil, South-Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland, covering five continents!

To put strategies into practice, we help local client teams on site for months to get their business-driven platforms up and running. As markets differ significantly in stage of development, consumer preferences, and culture, each market requires a different approach of course. Therefore, SparkOptimus’ pragmatic work ethic is the perfect fit, with happy clients as a result.

In addition, with more and more international Sparkies joining our office, we are building a team with the best expertise, bringing local knowledge together from many markets. This enables us to successfully help companies build their business across the globe. Currently, we have colleagues from Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, and the Netherlands, with many more to join soon!

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