Harnessing the power of disruption for NGOs: SOS Kinderdorpen

Harnessing the power of disruption for NGOs: SOS Kinderdorpen
SparkOptimus Team
Written by
Saskia Milsted & Aron Hartveld
The SparkOptimus Blog Team
July 22, 2020

Digital transformation is not only relevant for regular businesses, it’s also changing the non-profit and NGO-sector. As potential donors are routinely using digital channels in a private consumer context, charities need to evolve digitally, too. What’s more, digital channels offer unique chances to engage with donors in unprecedented ways. Within the scope of our SOcial program, we help non-profits and NGOs to become successful in a digital environment similar to how we assist our business clients. In the past 1.5 years, we’ve worked with SOS Kinderdorpen to shape their digital transformation.


In the first phase, we organized workshops during which we jointly established a better understanding of the digital donor. Together, we also identified initiatives to remove barriers in the donor journey, e.g. enabling smooth online donations, and improving the website (see also our related post: What impact does my donation have). In the second phase, we focused on optimizing current processes and customer interaction through digital, and brainstormed about digital innovation in the charity sector. The brainstorm helped SOS Kinderdorpen fundamentally rethink how digital can help their donors through digital channels. An example of ideas jointly generated is to build a community platform for donors and village mothers, so donors can interact with the village directly.


To set the commercial initiatives up for success we jointly defined and started implementing the necessary building blocks for their organization and technology. These requirements include embedding new roles in the organization to accelerate digitization and innovation, and ensuring a futureproof IT-landscape. The first results are already showing, as the digital coordinator is improving the website and data landscape, as dashboards to steer the business are being built and improvements in CRM systems to better serve the donor are being made.

It has been an inspiring journey for SparkOptimus to experience how our ‘digital know-how’ has helped SOS Kinderdorpen to embark on their digital transformation: to increase their global impact and improve many more children’s lives.

“SparkOptimus has provided us with tools that give us the opportunity to adopt to a professional digital approach which will open the gate for new opportunities, innovation and new strategies that support our mission; providing a caring and loving home for every child in need”
– Arian Buurman, Managing Director, SOS Kinderdorpen Nederland

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