Emerce eRetail Europe

Emerce eRetail Europe
SparkOptimus Team
Written by
Titus van Dijk en Vivianne Vluggen
The SparkOptimus Blog Team
October 13, 2017

On Wednesday October 4th, the 2017 edition of the Emerce eRetail Europe took place in Amsterdam. This so called ‘best day of the year for leaders in online retail’ is a one-day event designed around digital trends and new technologies.

Managing Partner of SparkOptimus, Alexandra Jankovich, was invited to host her own stage as a moderator. At this stage, four speakers took the floor during the day. As a true expert on digital growth, Alexandra seamlessly took on the role as the on-point anchor. She was firing clever questions herself but also entertainingly encouraging the crowd to take part in the discussion. This resulted in interesting debates and informative conversations that often exceeded the time limits of the event.

The group of speakers consisted of professionals who are on top of their fields in the online retail and e-commerce space. Amongst others there was Raj Balasundaram, VP of Emarsys solutions & strategic services, a provider of cloud-based marketing technology. Raj Balasundaram gave an inspiring presentation about how to use Artificial Intelligence to tackle common marketing problems. His innovative ideas gave plenty of food for thought, as well as his parting quote “If people know that AI is helping them, then AI has actually failed”

Another speaker welcomed on stage was Galyna Nitsetska. Instead of giving a presentation, the CEO of two successful fashion webshops took part in a live conversation with Alexandra. This conversation provided a compelling insight in her background leading up to entrepreneurship. While starting her career in banking, Galyna realized how hard it is for women to have stylish workwear. This lead her to teach herself how to code and built her own ecommerce platform Silkarmour. Nevertheless, her ambitions where not yet fulfilled and Galyna also founded the subscription-based lingerie webshop Empress Mimi Lingerie. The conversation proved a dynamic dialogue of with plenty of inspiring examples of true (digital) entrepreneurial spirit.

Emerce eRetail Europe 2017 proved again this year to be an inspiring and energizing event for attendees, speakers and moderators alike. As SparkOptimus we were happy and  honored to be able to contribute to this successful event and we look forward to the next one!

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