SparkOptimus has launched 'CEO stories' podcast

SparkOptimus has launched 'CEO stories' podcast
SparkOptimus Team
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The SparkOptimus Blog Team
November 7, 2023

Our exclusive CEO stories series is now available on your favorite podcast platform!

Get inspired by CEOs, industry leaders, and innovators during your commute, workout, or while travelling. In these conversations, our Founding Partner, Alexandra Jankovich, delves into their insights, challenges, and achievements.

Tune in for exclusive interviews with leaders from companies like Heineken, Nestlé, Henkel, and many others where we deep-dive into their digital transformation journeys, sustainability initiatives, the art of attracting and empowering top talent, championing equality, and the pursuit of customer excellence.

Join us on this insightful journey as we explore the lessons and strategies shared by top executives. CEO Stories is more than just a podcast; it's your window into the world of leadership and values in the corporate realm.

Listen to the podcast on your platform of choice:

Apple podcast
Amazon podcast

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