A Decade of Making Disruption Work

SparkOptimus celebrates 10 years of digital disruption. Browse through our book and read about 10 years of digital disruption in the world, our role within it, and our vision for the future.
In the last ten years, digital disruption has radically changed the way we shop for clothes, order taxis, manage money, chat, date and look at our phones. It’s been ten years in which digital start-ups have become global brands, and high street titans have toppled like T-rexes, while practically every business left standing has undergone some form of digital transformation.

And it’s been
ten years in which we’ve gone from being an idea thought up beside a fish tank to Europe’s no.1 digital consultancy.

This is the story of what happened and our role in it. It’s also the story of who we are, and our vision for the next ten years of making disruption work.