Unilever Food Solutions

Developing digital sales capability building program

What they wanted

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) helps chefs all over the world to serve tasty, wholesome meals by creating ingredients that save precious preparation time in the kitchen. As digital developments are accelerating and impact every industry, UFS felt the need to develop a holistic digital agenda, and to support this digital agenda with a tailored capability building program delivered to key markets across the globe.

What we did

First, we co-developed a step-by-step approach on how to best face digital developments, incorporating SparkOptimus’ and UFS expertise as well as international best practices. Second, we designed a tailored capability building program to bring the approach to life, and delivered this training program to thirteen countries covering four continents.

What we achieved

By developing the structured approach, SparkOptimus designed a pragmatic method that created focus in countries’ digital activities. And by subsequently delivering the approach through highly-valued workshops, SparkOptimus not only built awareness and knowledge within the country organizations but also co-created pragmatic action plans with each country leaving them well-armed to start execution and deliver results.

What they said

“Without any doubt, SparkOptimus is THE go-to agency for true digital expertise combined with a hands-on, pragmatic realism to make things come to live. We could not have done this without them”

– Willem Brandt, VP Global Sales, Unilever Food Solutions