Streamlining online customer experience and prioritizing digital initiatives

What they wanted

Staatsloterij had the ambition to strongly grow online sales in the coming years. However, current initiatives were scattered, online customer experience was sub-optimal, and a coherent omni-channel vision was lacking. There was a clear need for streamlining and prioritizing plan elements based on the impact on the customer’s experience.

What we did

SparkOptimus designed an optimal customer journey that focused on removing existing barriers for consumers to buy online. SparkOptimus added specific functionalities to existing plans – derived from market trends and best practices – and then subsequently prioritized them based on consumer and financial impact as well as feasibility for the organization.

What we achieved

Staatsloterij is currently on the brink of executing the roadmap, and has already improved its communication, buying process, and personalization.

What they said

“Next to helping us focus on the important digital plan elements to reach our ambition, working with SparkOptimus also tremendously helped us to tell the digital change story throughout the organization.”

– Marcel Ribbens, Marketing Director Nederlandse Staatsloterij