Boosting online ticket sales

What they wanted

The Rijksmuseum is the largest museum of the Netherlands with almost 2.5 million visitors per year. In February 2015, the Rijksmuseum opened its doors for the internationally acclaimed ‘Late Rembrandt’ exhibition. The museum has set the ambition to sell a vast majority of tickets online and to become an international online front runner. The Rijksmuseum asked SparkOptimus to support them in professionalizing their online marketing and ticket sales.

What we did

SparkOptimus performed a comprehensive scan of the online marketing activities, including traffic generation (SEA, affiliate, email & social), conversion optimization and data-driven steering. By comparing the observations with online marketing and e-commerce best practices, numerous quick wins and practical solutions were proposed. Key solutions where directly implemented under supervision of SparkOptimus.

What we achieved

The proposed practical solutions immediately impacted results and the daily way of working. Our support during the initiated projects gave the Rijksmuseum the right knowledge and tools to successfully launch the new online campaigns and optimize conversions. Boosting online ticket sales for this exhibition and exhibitions to come.

What they said

We are deeply impressed with the work of SparkOptimus. Within days true impact was noticeable within my organization. They not only impacted ‘Late Rembrandt’ ticket sales, but brought our entire online marketing to the next level. On top, they are great fun to work with

– Marjolijn Meynen, Marketing Director Rijksmuseum