Review of ANWB Media strategy and status

What they wanted

ANWB Media faced significant challenges due to the impact of the digital revolution in the media industry and therefore needed to understand how to transition current activities, how to position themselves within the organization, and cost base to the new playing field.

What we did

SparkOptimus supported ANWB Media in understanding the implications of the digital media revolution on vision, value for ANWB members in their journey, financials and required resources. The current state of the media portfolio and the organization was analyzed to provide a concrete action plan that enabled ANWB to put its vision into operation.

What we achieved

ANWB Media is currently in the middle of a transformation to become competitive again.

What they said

“SparkOptimus did an excellent job in helping us make the important and tough decisions that were required to be able to play in a drastically different media landscape. They are a very inspiring partner to work with.”

– Mirjam Sijmons, ANWB Board of Directors