Identifying digital driven risks and growth opportunities

What they wanted

OneMed is the leading partner in Northern Europe for healthcare providers looking to satisfy their entire need of supplies and related services. As OneMed’s market is starting to transform, driven by rapid digital developments and centralization of buying power, OneMed asked SparkOptimus to identify key risks and growth opportunities, to ensure it is well positioned to capitalize on these developments

What we did

We started with a round of interviews with key stakeholders and analyzed existing initiatives, processes, and organizational capabilities, as well as market trends, to come up with a list of strategic growth opportunities. Next, OneMed and SparkOptimus jointly presented the findings and recommendations to the board of directors to swiftly put the plans into action

What we achieved

We provided OneMed with a prioritized and relevant set of growth opportunities, highlighting where there is room for improvement and providing focus on how to capitalize on rapid digital and value-chain developments going forward

What they said

“In a short period of time, SparkOptimus was able to successfully put their digital and value-chain expertise to work and effectively support us in our journey forward.”

– Johan Falk, Chief Executive Officer, OneMed