Leading supplier in DIY

Direct sales e-commerce proposition

What they wanted

Our client is a leading supplier of DIY products which it sells mostly via the retail channel. Our client wanted to grow by starting direct consumer sales through digital channels. The wish was to set up an e-commerce pilot in a market where it plays a ‘challenger’ role and avoid channel conflicts in the home market. SparkOptimus was asked to guide the pilot market selection and develop a pragmatic implementation & scale-up plan for direct consumer sales.

What we did

We selected a pilot market by evaluating strategic fit, organizational fit, market/consumer fit and financial attractiveness. After selection of pilot-market we developed a pragmatic implementation plan for the e-commerce business, supported by business case and design of customer solution, technology and operations. Finally, we developed an international scale-up plan with strong focus on implementing a test & learn approach.

What we achieved

We selected a market with favourable business economics and high likelihood of succesful entry. Second, we ensured readiness for implementation, working side-by-side with the client, ensuring our expertise in setting up e-commerce operations was transferred to the client project team.

What they said

“SparkOptimus made setting up our direct to consumer proposition very concrete, making sure we combined the long term ambitions with a practical implementation plan for the first pilot”

– Chief Executive Officer