Evaluating strategy and options for growth

What they wanted

Two years ago, Kramp initiated as a separate direct sales channel focused on the industrial market. Kramp asked SparkOptimus to perform an assessment of INDI’s setup and performance until now and evaluate INDI’s strategy going forward, considering both Kramp’s and INDI’s perspectives and goals.

What we did

We started this four-week study by assessing INDI’s customer proposition, organizational setup & capabilities, and (financial) performance against the ambition. Based on this, we formulated five key actions for INDI to improve and accelerate growth of its e-commerce business. Next, we developed a number of collaboration options for INDI and Kramp going forward and decided on the optimal option based on organizational impact, financial implications, and future flexibility

What we achieved

We provided a clear view on INDI’s performance and actionable initiatives to accelerate growth. Additionally, Kramp gained an objective review and optimal position for INDI within Kramp’s portfolio. Based on this, Kramp took the necessary organizational and financial steps to accelerate growth

What they said

“SparkOptimus supported us exceedingly well in both identifying required changes to deliver the next growth steps as well as taking a strategic and independent perspective on INDI’s position within Kramp”

– Sybrand Brouwer, CEO INDI