Best-in-class e-mail marketing

What they wanted

Hobbs is a well-known British fashion brand selling women’s apparel, shoes and accessories and operating at the premium end of the UK market with a strong online presence. To ensure Hobbs is well positioned to capitalize on rapid digital developments, SparkOptimus identified a selection of key digital growth opportunities for Hobbs and jointly identified e-mail marketing as a key topic. Hobbs asked SparkOptimus for a diagnosis of the current processes, organization and tooling, as well as a plan to execute the identified improvements.

What we did

SparkOptimus started with an assessment and gap analysis of the core marketing elements, operational excellence, tooling, and setup, for both volume and trigger based e-mails. We then developed a plan to bridge the identified gaps, including a 9-month roadmap, a definition of the required processes and steps, a first draft of the organizational setup and guidelines for the e-mail service system and IT landscape architecture.

What we achieved

By developing a work plan to bridge the existing gaps and designing a new e-mail marketing process, SparkOptimus put Hobbs in a place where it can identify, launch, and monitor (volume and trigger based) e-mail programs in a more efficient way.

What they said

“SparkOptimus’ expertise and hands-on approach enabled us to start implementing a new, efficient way of working  – that’s what we really needed!”

– Meg Lustman, CEO Hobbs