Digitally-fueled growth plan

What they wanted

GROHE is a global producer of sanitary products and number one in The Netherlands. Even though disruption is still at an early stage in sanitary, digital developments are accelerating and start to impact the market dynamics in which GROHE NL is active. To position GROHE NL as a winner in the new world, GROHE NL asked us to jointly develop a comprehensive opportunity action plan.

What we did

We conducted interviews with main stakeholders, did industry research in sanitary and held a joint working session with the GROHE NL project team to create an opportunity action plan, building upon GROHE NL’s leading knowledge of sanitary and SparkOptimus’ leading digital expertise. We then translated the set of digitally-enabled growth initiatives into actionable roadmaps and defined the organization & technology requirements for successful realization of the plan.

What we achieved

SparkOptimus helped GROHE assess a set of digitally-enabled growth opportunities and map the organization and technology required to bring GROHE’s growth to a next level. By creating a shared vision for future growth, SparkOptimus and GROHE NL have taken important steps to further strengthen GROHE NL’s leading position.

What they said

“SparkOptimus channeled their digital expertise with our leading knowledge of sanitary into a practical growth plan enabled by digital. I feel well-armed to continue GROHE’s journey of digital growth.”

– Rogier van Dis, CEO GROHE The Netherlands