Heineken's Beerwulf

A selection of our cases – Heineken’s Beerwulf

What they wanted

In its quest to continuously innovate and stay ahead of customer needs, Heineken sought help from SparkOptimus in building a consumer online craft & variety beer proposition (Beerwulf). The (online) craft & variety segment is growing rapidly and so far, there exist only a few high-quality online retailers that offer the best selection of craft & variety beers

What we did

Starting from the ground up, SparkOptimus developed the proposition and complete business plan together with Heineken & the management team of the new venture. Next, we helped identify & select external partners (development, logistics, etc.), supported the hiring of key team members, and facilitated a quick-start by temporarily filling operational gaps, embedding the operating model, and ensuring that all metrics & dashboarding were in place for data-driven decision making

What we achieved

SparkOptimus helped Beerwulf to go from idea to launch in nine months while building the organization at the same time. We ensured an agile way of working from day one, enabling Beerwulf to achieve rapid growth

What they said

“SparkOptimus has been a very valuable partner during our first 9 months of existence. They supported where possible and challenged where needed. The combination of strategic consulting and operational support has resulted in the successful launch of our Beerwulf.com MVP“

– Hans Böhm, MD Beerwulf aka ‘Leader of the pack’