DE Master Blenders

Designing a digitized customer loyalty program

What they wanted

DE had the challenge to adapt the biggest and most successful loyalty program in the Netherlands to the digital age. They wanted to stay relevant for current participants and attract new members.

What we did

We designed a loyalty program that maximized value from customer contacts, transforming the program into a potential profitable revenue driver. Step by step on a roadmap towards personal marketing and targeted promotions. The end-products included functional and technical design as well as a business case with NPV and P&L forecasts.

What we achieved

The result was a turnkey solution with immediate and long term actions for the loyalty program.

What they said

“SparkOptimus really helped inspire us to update the oldest loyalty scheme in NL, with very little data & customer insight, into a future-proof vision with a powerful engagement tool & the potential for revenue generation”

– Julie Baker, Managing Director DE Master Blenders Netherlands