Design of client interaction model and method of working

What they wanted

DTG is transforming from a traditional print company to an online services company, improving the find-ability of small and medium enterprises. They understood that a new way of interacting with customers would be part of this transformation as interactions changed from once-per-year to continuous and ad-hoc.

What we did

SparkOptimus supported in designing a new client interaction model and method of working, to optimize customer value. The team translated the top-management vision of what needed to change into a pragmatic model, but also went into the nitty-gritty operational details to help implement and accelerate the required changes.

What we achieved

This resulted in a blueprint model for new and existing services, and a roadmap with a prioritized list of improvement points within and between departments so that DTG can independently continue to  track, extend, and improve upon its services.

What they said

“So touched upon the essence of what we needed to implement operationally, organizationally, and culturally, from top to bottom of the organization.”

– Erik Hoekstra, CEO DTG