Deciding on strategic options for growth

What they wanted wanted to review strategic options to realize the next wave of e-commerce growth. Although their market share in boxed media products continued to increase, this category was shrinking fast due to digitization of media. One option was to enter the digital media market, and another, to expand into other (boxed) product categories.

What we did

SparkOptimus supported the strategic review by validating the assumptions of’s vision and ambition in terms of proposition, required content and IT platform, as well as business case and implementation requirements. Short term and long term benefit-risk scenarios were defined.

What we achieved

The result was a decision taken by management and shareholders on the expansion strategy into new product categories.

What they said

“SparkOptimus was able to support us in an excellent way by combining longer term trends with short – medium term business opportunities which was of fundamental importance for our way forward.”

– Daniel Ropers, CEO