Creating transparency and continuous improvement of marketing spend effectiveness

What they wanted

Considering ongoing changes in consumer behavior and the shift from offline to online, Praxis wanted to be able to continuously evaluate whether its marketing spend was efficiently allocated and take data-driven decisions to re-allocate marketing spend when necessary.

What we did

We supported Praxis in determining the ROI for every relevant marketing channel by conducting a variety of tests, both offline (e.g., leaflets) and online (e.g., Adwords, newsletters). Additionally, we developed a marketing effectiveness dashboard and accompanying meeting rhythm to structurally collect, monitor, and analyze test outcomes in multidisciplinary teams in order to continue and improve our budget allocation over time.

What we achieved

Next to providing first insights in marketing effectiveness, we embedded a process of continuous improvement within the organization, supported by a pragmatic marketing effectiveness dashboard.

What they said

“SparkOptimus’ hands-on approach to prepare, conduct, and analyze tests, combined with a data-driven focus and subject expertise helped the organization challenge its long-standing assumptions around marketing spend allocation”

 Roy van Keulen, Customer Director Maxeda