Building a theme-based digital marketing platform

What they wanted

With very strong brands in many categories, Unilever – like many Consumer Goods companies – is facing challenges as consumer behavior online is very different from consumer behavior in the offline world. Traditional brand marketing is less effective online than creating pull on the common themes that define their categories, such as ‘dinner’, ‘health’, ‘baby care’,…..

Very few consumers actively search the web for specific brands, but millions search daily  for solutions everyday on ‘how do I cook a healthy meal for my kids that they’ll like?’ or ‘how do I treat my baby’s sensitive skin?’

What we did

SparkOptimus started supporting Unilever in its new digital ‘pull’ marketing efforts by conducting digital workshops with the marketing team and developing a fact-based prioritization of key themes to own. Subsequently a detailed design of a digital marketing platform and its functionalities was made, including a business case and development roadmap. SparkOptimus then helped to identify potential external  partners to play a role in the development of the platform.

What we achieved

SparkOptimus created focus in Unilever’s approach to a host of digital activities in the brand organization that were formerly stand-alone brand initiatives and raised awareness on the potential of collaboration and a theme based initiative.

What they said

“SparkOptimus is clearly a very skilled and innovative agency on digital marketing and media in our industry. They have had a profound impact on our way of thinking about digital marketing.”

Harry Dekker – Media Director Unilever Benelux