Beter Bed

Omnichannel growth strategy and roll-out plan

What they wanted

Beter Bed, a leading bedroom furniture and matrasses retailer in Western Europe, realized that rapid digital developments were causing customer expectations to rise, increasingly calling for a frictionless and consistent customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. SparkOptimus was asked to support in identifying, supplementing, and prioritizing omnichannel initiatives, and translate these to a coherent 2020 omnichannel strategy for Beter Bed

What we did

SparkOptimus helped Beter Bed by prioritizing growth ideas into a coherent and focused omnichannel five-year growth strategy, enabling it to meet rising customer expectations by capturing all relevant touchpoints in the customer journey. The accompanying plan describes the organizational and technological requirements and concrete actions required for successful roll-out

What we achieved

By developing a widely supported omnichannel vision and strategy, we created focus, commitment, alignment, and excitement throughout the entire company

What they said

SparkOptimus has been of great value in helping us structuring and prioritizing our ideas in what makes most sense from a customer and business perspective”

– Debbie Klein, Procurement Director