SparkOptimus News Highlights – Week 48

At SparkOptimus, we try to highlight the most important news and background stories in digital, e-commerce and retail. Here is our selection of last week’s news:

We have seen some interesting technology announcements last week, including many on robots. Schiphol launched an airport robot, assuring you will never miss your flight again. Spencer is an armless friendly-looking robot that will ease your journey through one of the most complicated airports to navigate around. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology announced the Pleurobot, another robot. It is salamander-like and one of the most accurate robotic animals ever made to further both understand spinal therapy and animal evolution.

Although Black Friday is more popular than ever before, the same ongoing technology development is expected to make this shopping day obsolete in only a couple of years. Retailers will no longer rely on one weekend that pushes them into the black. The upside of the absence of a physical Black Friday is that this will also lead to less serious injuries in the US (5 in 2014).

So please be careful this weekend, we wish you a happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday!