Sitting in a beanbag will not get you anywhere | Make Disruption Work Masterclass

Last year’s Make Disruption Work Masterclasses were graded on average with an 8/10. To accommodate all applicants, we have scheduled several more programs in Q2 and Q3 of 2017 – please apply now under – there are still some spots left!

 FB_mobile_ENG_470_246The Make Disruption Work Masterclass is based on an original multi-day program for C-level executives. SparkOptimus developed a one-day Masterclass for ambitious senior executives to help them take on a role as digital change leader in their organization.

During this Masterclass, participants will zoom in on the strategies of successful online pure players, the disruptive potential of new technologies, the characteristics of disruptive organizations, and the principles to drive digital transformation. To make the Masterclasses actionable, attendees work on a vision and personal action plan to help their organizations take advantage of digital disruption. The Masterclasses are concluded with drinks to further exchange ideas and build a network.

Interested in unlocking digital growth for your own organization? Register now on or contact Tan Peters for further information at 020 305 9000 or


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