B2B Drinks & Digital Round Table 2014

On Thursday November 27, SparkOptimus organized the Drinks and Digital Round Table for CEOs within the B2B industry. The topic of the evening was: ‘How digital strategies can accelerate growth’. During the evening our guest speaker Ron Bosch (CEO Deli Maatschappij) and Tom Voskes (Managing Partner SparkOptimus) discussed several digital market changes which have impacted – and will impact – the B2B value chain.

Participating CEOs were a.o. Harry Brouwer (Unilever Food Solutions), Kef van Helbergen (Makro Netherlands), Pieter Pelt (De Stiho Groep), Manfred Lukkezen (Verstegen Spices&Sauces), Wouter Meijerink (Nedac Sorbo), Alexander Beerkens (Fetim Group) and Oscar van der Linden (Epson Netherlands).