SparkOptimus turns digital visions into fully functional operations since 2006. We have deep expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, loyalty, and customer data, but what really defines our unique approach is that we take your customer as a starting point and work on all technical and organizational elements that follow. We help our clients pioneer the latest technology to see what it can do for them or simply help them to catch up in their market to get their fair share of digital growth opportunities.

  • How we work

    Accelerating digital growth requires real leadership and drive, a pragmatic approach, and a relentless focus on lasting business results. We are business led, independent, and true partners for our clients. We focus on results for our clients by supporting them effectively and efficiently while transfering skills. That’s why we always start with mutual knowledge sharing before starting the real joint action.

  • People

    More than anything we are proud of the outstanding quality of our people. They combine commercial experience, entrepreneurial drive, digital expertise, and analytical skills to make change happen and accelerate digital growth.On top of that, they are true professionals with the highest level of integrity and commitment. Our culture is one of excitement and opportunities for all, because we live and breathe growth in all we do.

  • Events

    Our annual private events for hundreds of CEO’s and other boardmembers aim to accelerate the digitization of traditional industries and support our ambition to unlock the value of digital developments to consumers.